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Moss & Sorrel is a space for gentle living in a loud and busy world.

You feel it too, right? Sometimes we need to take a step back from our chaotic lives to savour the simple things that connect us with our friends, our planet, and ourselves. We’re dedicated to sharing wonderful rituals, recipes, and reminders to help you take a break from your grind to focus on the gentleness within you. 

Here are some of the things we love to share...


We take vintage recipes and modernize them for practical home cooks. Comfort food is our specialty!


Gather up your supplies, because we have a passion for crafting! You'll find new ways to enjoy the bounty of the natural world here.


We curate collections of decor items, interior design, and cottagecore inspo to keep you dreaming and scheming.


Love books? So do we! In this section you'll find tons of book recommendations, as well as writing and journaling tips.